Letter to Clients and Friends Regarding the Firm’s Alternative Billing Structure


Dated August 29, 2009, revised July 12, 2011.


Dear Clients and Friends:

I have the great pleasure of announcing that in line with other competitive law firms, Allen M. Lee, A Professional Law Corporation will offer flat-rate billing plans as an alternative to the traditional hourly-fee rate model.  This will allow the Firm to provide clients the same high quality services that they have come to know, at costs that will be both predictable and manageable.

Monthly Flat Rate Fee

Covers up to

Ideal for

$500 / mo.

5 hours of legal services per mo.

Minimal legal needs.

$1,000 / mo.

10 hours of legal services per mo.

Limited consultation or maintenance issues. 



Terms and Conditions.

Unused time does not roll over to subsequent months except as otherwise provided for below. Clients may switch to a flat-rate billing plan by submitting a request to the Firm prior to the first day of the month in which the flat-rate billing is to go into effect.  Clients can also switch between the various flat-rate billing options or revert back to their traditional hourly-fee billing plan in the same manner.  Any legal services provided in excess of the hours allocated under the flat-rate billing plan will be billed at the Firm’s normal rack rates per the client’s contract with the Firm.  The rates above are subject to change, and do not include costs and expenses incurred in performing the legal services.  Any rate changes will go into effect the beginning of the month following the rate change.

Regardless of which flat rate plan is chosen, as with the hourly plan there is no guarantee that the Firm can perform all of the services requested by the client in any particular month or that the Firm will agree to take every case requested by the client. In the event the Firm cannot or will not perform the services requested, the Firm will either allow the client to roll-over a set amount of unused time to a later month in which the service(s) can be performed, or the Firm will grant the client the option to retroactively switch to a different rate plan or hourly billing for that particular billing period. In such an event, the client will be billed for the hours expended under the new rate plan for that that month.

Example: Client is on the $1,000/mo. plan. Client has used 6 hours of legal services for that month. The Firm later declines to perform a service requested by Client that would have otherwise used up the remaining 4 hours under the flate rate plan. Presented with the options above, Client elects to switch to the $500/mo. plan for that month. Accordingly, Client will receive a credit of 5 hours for that month, and will be billed at its normal hourly rate for the extra 1 hour.

In the alternative, Client could have elected to keep the $1,000/mo. plan and roll over 4 hours of time over to the next month. Aassuming Client does not otherwise use its remaining 4 hours before then, Client would have a 14 hour credit in the next month. In the event Client does not use up all 14 hours in that next month, the remaining time would not carry over to the subsquent month.

The flat rate billing plans are primarily provided as a convenience to small businesses in order to allow them to manage their normal and customary transactional legal costs as opposed to facilitating litigation in state or federal courts. Accordingly, time purchased under the flat rate plans may not be applied towards active litigation matters.


Allen M. Lee      

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